Matters of Life and Death Greensheet Bingo

How many essays are assigned in this class?

What is the last day I can turn in a report on a non-MUSE activity?

Which days are we discussing The Death of Ivan Ilyich?

Where is the instructor's office?

What GE area does this course fulfill?

What reading is assigned for week 8?

What's the longest essay assigned for this class?

Which weeks will we discuss modern medicine?

How many MUSE events do we have to attend and report on?

When will the first film for the course be shown?

When is the first analytic essay due?

How much does the research presentation count toward the course grade?

How many books do we need to buy for this class?

How many class meetings meet someplace other than DMH 347?

Which week will the first film for the course be discussed?

Which week do we discuss ritual mortuary cannibalism?

When is the first course log entry due?

How much does participation count toward the course grade?

When is the final exam?

When is the first response essay due?

When are the instructor's office hours?

What is the assignment (besides reading) for week 5?

Where will the films for the course be shown?

How can I contact the instructor?

Which week are the research reports due?

While we're on the subject:  Are there any questions you have about the class that aren't covered here or on the greensheet?

Greensheet Bingo Instructions:

1.     The goal of the game is to be the first to fill five squares in a row, across, down, or diagonally ("BINGO").

2.   Filling a square requires locating a piece of information from the course greensheet.  A square is filled by writing the answer in the square and initialing that square.

3.   VERY IMPORTANT: Each of your squares must be filled by a different person in the class (including yourself)!  In other words, you may fill one square on your bingo card, but each of your remaining squares must be filled by someone else!  Getting "BINGO" will require that you get answers and initials from at least 5 people (including yourself).

4.   Similarly, you may only fill in one square on anyone else's bingo card.

  1. Since you will need the help of others to complete this task, you should strive to be helpful to others, too!

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