Life and Death on television.

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Yes, sometimes there's something worth watching on television. Who knew?


TV series regularly dealing with death:

Six Feet Under. (Check HBO for schedule)

A quirky drama about a family running a funeral home after the death of the family patriarch. Lots of episodes deal with issues of life and death (although sometimes subtlely). This series also gives a view of the modern funeral industry.

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Dead Like Me. (Check Showtime for schedule)

A quirky comedy about a team of grim reapers that help others "cross over" while trying to work out the issues of their own that were unresolved when they died.


TV series that focus on life but deal with death:

Joan of Arcadia. (Check CBS or local listings for schedule)

Joan, a high school student and the middle child in the Girardi family, sees God. God asks Joan to do stuff. Joan struggles to figure out what it's all about. Episodes that have a lot to do with dying, death, and living with loss include "Death Be Not Whatever" and "Jump."

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My So-Called Life. (Check Noggin/"The-N" for schedule)

The definitive drama about being a teenager and trying to work out life's answers for yourselves rather than just doing what your parents think is best.

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TV series about life while combatting (and occasionally dating) the undead:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Check FX or local listings for schedule)

Buffy slays vampires, but she also gets to know them. As the series unfolds, it raises questions about finding your purpose in life, the importance of family and friends, and whether living forever (albeit as a vampire) is such a great thing. (Warning: Many think the series lost its way after the 4th or 5th season.)

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Let me know if there are other TV shows I should add to this list!



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