Matters of Life and Death
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Week 14 (Nov. 22-24)

Modern medicine versus death: responding to terminal illness.
To be discussed: How does the doctor’s understanding of death differ from the patient’s understanding of death? What factors make for a better death? What factors make for a worse death?


Response essay on Callahan, “Living with the Mortal Self” (due Mon., Nov. 22 by 11:59 PM)

Response essay on Behar, “Death and Memory: From Santa María del Monte to Miami Beach” (due Mon., Nov. 22 by 11:59 PM)

Reading Assignment: Edson, Wit (due by class time Mon. Nov 22)

To read for week 15:

Heilbrun, “Preface”, pp. 1-10 (CR). “On Mortality”, pp. 205-215 (CR).
Grigoriadis, “A Death of One’s Own” (CR).(due by class time Wed. Dec 1)

To view for week 15:
Harold and Maude (due Nov. 29)

Assignments for week 15:

Analytic essay on Edson, Wit (due Mon., Nov. 29 by 11:59 PM)

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