Matters of Life and Death
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Week 2(Aug. 30-Sep. 3)

A speck in the universe: Is human life meaningful or absurd?
To be discussed: What could give my life meaning? What could make my life absurd?

Activity: Class in the computer lab. (Mon. Aug 30) Meet in IS 134A at class time.

In-class writing assignment (in the computer lab): Is death good for you, bad for you, or nothing to you? Explain your answer. (Mon. Aug 30)

Reading Assignment: Nagel, “The Absurd” (CR) (due by class time Wed. Sept. 1)

Skills & Information:

To read for week 3:
Tolstoy, The Death of Ivan Ilyich, pp. 35-91. (due by class time Wed. Sept 8)

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