Ethics in Science
"It goes without saying …"
Respect and our shared mission in this course.

I am passionate about learning and about creating an environment in this class that supports your learning and mine.  We can only achieve such an environment, however, if we respect each other.

Here I list the most basic courtesies I expect of you as part of the respect you ought to show me and your classmates.  (You probably take most of these for granted as well; that's why I call this list "It goes without saying …")

  1. Treat class meetings as a serious commitment.  When you are not in class, you miss material, and we miss your questions and comments.
  2. Being in class means more than just being a warm body in a chair. Prepare for class by doing assigned readings, thinking hard about this readings, and making a list of questions you have about them or issues you hope to clarify in class.  Bring your books with you to class.  Participate in class by listening to the lecture, listening to your classmates,taking notes, asking questions, answering questions,  participating fully in any class activities, and thinking.
  3. Arrive and be ready to go by the official start time, and stay until the conclusion of the class meeting.  Wandering in (or out) partway through disrupts the flow of the class.  Budget extra time for parking if you need to!
  4. If at all possible, don't schedule appointments (medical check-ups, job interviews, club meetings, etc.) during class time.
  5. Turn OFF your cell phone during class time. Don't use your laptop for non-class-related purposes during our class meeting.
  6. If you must miss class, it is YOUR responsibility to make up the material you missed.  Ask a classmate if you may copy his/her notes.
  7. If you miss class on a day when an assignment is due, it is still YOUR responsibility to make sure the assignment is turned in to me by classtime.
  8. Treat your classmates with respect.


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