Ethics in Science
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Back in 2005, I started a blog to accompany this course.
Here, I collect some links to posts that are closely related
to issues we've discussed (or will be discussing) in class.

Scientific methodology:

Basic concepts: falsifiable claims.

Basic concepts: theory testing.

What do scientists mean by 'theory'?


Norms of the scientific community:

Basic concepts: the norms of science.

Basic concepts: scientific anti-norms.

Basic concepts: scientific anti-norms (part 2).


Research with animals:

When activists are also human: issues of consistency.

Discretion, deception, and communication between scientists and non-scientists.

Some light reading on animal research regulations.

DVD review: Physicians - Speaking for Research.

DVD review: Veterinarians - Speaking for Research.

Discomfort with the gray areas in animal research.

A tangle of controversy -- and a plea to start untangling.


Research with human subjects:

Research with vulnerable populations: considering the Bucharest Early Intervention Project (part 1).

Research with vulnerable populations: considering the Bucharest Early Intervention Project (part 2).

Ethical considerations in the development of a male birth control pill.

Book review: Never Let Me Go.

Scientific papers and communications:

Why does Medawar hate the scientific paper?

Data paparazzi.

Announcing your findings (but not really).

Clarity and obfuscation in scientific papers.


Authorship issues:

Authorship matters.

Authorship, guests, and irony.

The author unaware.

Authorship and plagiarism: an object lesson.

Who's duping whom?

Medical ghostwriting and the role of the "author" who acts as the sheet.

Mentoring ethics and authorship ethics.

Authorial pecking order.

What to do when your coauthor doesn't return your calls.


Peer review:

"I do not think that phrase means what you think it does." (NYT on peer review.)

Peer review and science.

What's the point of peer review?

How do researchers perceive peer review?


I'll keep adding links as I find them!


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