Logic and Critical Reasoning
course requirements

Homework problems: Learning logic requires practice in applying concepts to problem solving. To help you get this practice, there will be homework problems every week, some which we will do during class meetings, some which you will do on your own to discuss at the next class meeting. I will not be collecting or grading these homework problems, but there will be significant overlap between the homework problems and the quizzes, so keeping up with the homework (and our discussion of the problems in class) is in your best interests.

Quizzes: Over the course of the term, there will be 5 quizzes (dates listed in course program). I will drop your lowest quiz grade. Taken together, the quizzes will count for 50% of your course grade.

Short papers: You will write two short (500 words) papers, each focused on reconstructing and evaluating an argument. The two short papers will count for 20% of your course grade.

Longer essay: You will write one longer essay (1000 words) that develops an argument and defends it against possible objections. You will work with your classmates to peer review drafts of your essays and to revise in the light of this review. The essay will be due on Tuesday, December 14 by 12 noon, and will count for 20% of your course grade.

Class participation: Dialogue and discussion will help you to master the logical concepts from this course and to understand how the formal features of argumentation work (or don’t) in the arguments people make in real life. Small group work, in-class discussions, and online discussions in our class Desire2Learn shell will all contribute to your class participation, which will count for 10% of your course grade.

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