Logic and Critical Reasoning
argumentation in the wild

October 28, 2010


The articles:

Waiting for Somebody

Looking past 'Superman' for reform answers

The Marriage Ideal

The Bigot's Last Hurrah

Taking Bin Laden's Side

Move the New York City mosque, as a sign of unity

Proposition 23 pits today's jobs vs. tomorrow's

Reject Prop. 23 to clear the air

The case for California's Prop. 19

Why California should just say no to Prop. 19

Fighting Childhood Obesity in America

Free to Choose Obesity?

The questions:

1. What conclusion is the author arguing for? (Do you agree?)

2. What reasons does the author give to support this conclusion? (Are you convinced?)

3. What objections might someone raise to the conclusion or the reasons offered to support it?

4. Who's the author's intended audience? What's the author's attitude? (What clues do you see in the article to help you determine this?)


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