Logic and Critical Reasoning
argumentation in the wild

November 2, 2010


The articles:

College: Yeah, It's That Selfish

The Real Cost Equation

Our Greedy Colleges

Beyond Crazy

Why I quit having fun

What makes a noisy party?

Recognize Greeks' inherent role on campus

Greek sexuality misconceptions unfair

Demand for college degrees increases joblessness

Excerpt: "Higher Education?"

As Colleges Cut Athletics, Title IX Creates an Injustice to Men

My lazy American students

It's worthwhile overall to have some large classes


The questions:

1. What conclusion is the author arguing for? (Do you agree?)

2. What reasons does the author give to support this conclusion? (Are you convinced?)

3. What objections might someone raise to the conclusion or the reasons offered to support it?

4. Who's the author's intended audience? What's the author's attitude? (What clues do you see in the article to help you determine this?)


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