Philosophy of Science
assignment schedule

Due Date
Tu-Feb. 11
Short essay #1 (on Hempel reading)

Tu-Mar. 4

Short essay #2 (on Popper and Kuhn readings)
Tu-Mar. 18
Midterm Exam

Tu-Apr. 1

Short essay #3 (on Longino reading)
Tu-Apr. 29 Short essay #4 (on van Fraassen reading)

Tuesday, May 20, 9:45 AM-12:00 noon



Log in to Canvas and join a Journal Club group by Feb. 17.

Post your search strategy to your group by Feb. 24.

Post digest of your first article to your group by Mar. 10.

Post digest of your second article to your group by Mar. 17.

Begin discussing your group's articles in online discussion by Apr. 7.

Start organizing findings by Apr. 14.

Discuss preliminary analysis in class on Thur. May 1.

Final analysis and annotated bibliography due by class time Tues. May 13.



Short essay guidelines

Short essay questions
Reading assignments

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