Title: Mama, Do You Love Me?             Author:Barbara M. Joossee        Illustrator:  Barbara Lavallee                                                    Publisher:  Chronicle Books

Synopsis:  Inuit child asks Mama about the bounds of her love.

Readability:  Fun for parents -- includes fun-to-say words like "umiak", "ptarmigan", and "mukluks".
Reasonably entertaining for Chloe -- lots of ideas for future mischief (put salmon in Daddy's parka and ermine in Mommy's mittens).
Not an easy book to read when Chloe is active and turning pages herself, since the text is relatively elaborate.

Visual Appeal (i.e., how entrancing Chloe finds it while turning the pages herself with nothing read to her):
Pretty, but a little intricate.  Chloe seems not to have a good fix on how to interpret all the drawings, so they don't hold her for very long at this stage of her development (11 months).

Tooth-appeal:  Nibbled, but not gnawed.

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