Chloe and Daphne's book club.

My kids love books.  (You wouldn't have seen that coming, what with their being raised by nerds and all...)  In order for parents not to go ccrazy immediately in such circumstances, it's really important to have a good supply of kids books that are fun for grown-ups, too.  With that in mind, we present some reviews of some of our favorite books.

Caveat:  The girls love many more books than we have time to post reviews for here.  I'll post updates when I can, but I still need to sleep every few days.

Have a book you want reviewed?  Contact us.  We might already have it on the bookcase.  (If you want to send us an advance copy, we can review that.  Might even offer you a blurb.)

Board Books

Dr. Seuss
Franklin Books
Arthur Books
Arthur's Teacher Moves In
D.W., Go To Your Room!
Arthur Meets the President
Arthur's Family Treasury
Intriguing Picture Books
The Last Alchemist
Math and Science Books
Books about Siblings
Books about Princesses
The Princess and the Pizza
The Paper-bag Princess
The Princess and the Potty
Rugrats Books
Classics (from Mommy's childhood)
Richard Scarry Books
Cars and Trucks and Things that Go
Best Storybook Ever
Busy Busy World
Pop-up Books
Carl Pops Up
Cookie Count

Books of Poetry


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