Title: Blue Hat, Green Hat             Author/Illustrator:  Sandra Boynton                       Publisher:  Little Simon

Synopsis:  Elephant, bear, moose, and turkey get clear on how to wear human clothes.  Turkey earns colloquial meaning of his name.

Readability:  Great fun for parents.  The text itself is pretty simple, but you get to say "oops!" every page or two.
Very entertaining for Chloe -- amusingly repetitive, silly, and easy to follow.
A totally easy book to read even when Chloe is active and turning pages herself -- as long as you get a glimpse of the picture, you can quickly reconstruct the text, and the order in which the pages are read is very flexible.

Visual Appeal (i.e., how entrancing Chloe finds it while turning the pages herself with nothing read to her):
Excellent.  The drawings are cute but very easy for Chloe to interpret, so she can spend a lot of time looking at them.  She might even be working out issues about distinctions between colors (although not necessarily remembering all their names) and articles of clothing.

Tooth-appeal:  Gnawed.  Very tasty binding with big chunks chewed off it.

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