Title: Dressing             Author/Illustrator:  Helen Oxenbury                        Publisher:  Little Simon

Synopsis:  Baby puts clothes on.

Readability:  Fine for parents.  No story, but so what.  (Actually, it's more a book to talk than to read: "Look, the baby's putting on a shirt!")
Reasonably entertaining for Chloe -- words she recognizes, clothing items she can identify with.
Easy to read when Chloe is active and turning pages herself -- you don't need to be able to see the text, and page order isn't vital.

Visual Appeal (i.e., how entrancing Chloe finds it while turning the pages herself with nothing read to her):
Easy to decipher, but not so gripping that she could look at it for long stretches..

Tooth-appeal:  The moment her pediatrician gave it to her, Chloe started gnawing.   She chewed a good inch off the binding in 5 minutes.

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