Title: Good Night, Gorilla             Author/Illustrator:  Peggy Rathmann                     Publisher:  Putnam

Synopsis:  Zoo keeper brings his work home with him, wife brings it back.

Readability:  Hilarious for parents.  The only text is dialogue (the zoo keeper saying good night to various animals as he prepares to head home), but the pictures tell a story of sticky simian fingers, an escape from cages, and a little too much togetherness.  As usual, the protagonist's wife (who looks at least as tired as most new parents feel) has to take matters into her own hands.  At this stage, we read the pictures aloud, as well as the text, so Chloe won't miss out on these complexities.
Very entertaining for Chloe, since she loves hearing about animals and deception (and she can't help but chortle along with her parents).
A very easy book to read when Chloe is active and turning pages herself, since the text is simple.

Visual Appeal (i.e., how entrancing Chloe finds it while turning the pages herself with nothing read to her):
Great.  Cute pictures of animals in very vivid colors.

Tooth-appeal:  Nibbled, but not gnawed.

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