Title: My First Animal Board Book             Publisher:  DK Publishing

Synopsis:  Lots of animals in lots of possible categorizations.  It's a big Kingdom.

Readability:  Fun for parents -- the animals range from the mundane to the truly exotic, so you're bound to learn something.
Quite entertaining for Chloe -- a ride on a MUNI bus to the hundredth power in terms of the biodiversity of the cast of characters.
Since there's no plotline, a fine book to read when Chloe is active and turning pages herself.  We're trying to get her to point to the animals on each page, in whatever order she wants, to get us to tell her their names, but she hasn't quite grasped the game yet.

Visual Appeal (i.e., how entrancing Chloe finds it while turning the pages herself with nothing read to her):
Beautifully photographed and beautifully arranged.  She can flip pages and stare for a good long time.  A nice book to give her when you need to do dishes or shift a load of laundry..

Tooth-appeal: Gnawed a bit, but resisting tooth-damage well.

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